MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System

Traditional Chevron Osteotomy

1cm Incision
Precision Guided
Quick, Accurate, Repeatable

Chevron Bunion Surgery – Evolved

The MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System allows surgeons to perform the Chevron bunion surgery in a familiar way through a small 1 cm incision. Mild to moderate bunion correction.

Surgical Technique for the RELJA MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System™

Align the precision chevron osteotomy guide

Precision osteotomy guide with radiopaque cutting insert

Use the white targeting guide to orient the precision osteotomy guide

Use the screw guide to aim the cannulated screw

Guide wire placed through the apex of the osteotomy

Screw positioned across a chevron osteotomy

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