RELJA Innovations LLC Launches the MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System

September 22, 2022by Sara Coon-Thompson

MILWAUKEESept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RELJA Innovations LLC announced today the recent launch of the new MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System™. Working closely with numerous consulting surgeons, RELJA’s design team was able to create a product that preserves the benefits of the proven chevron osteotomy for bunion correction, while allowing the procedure to be completed precisely and with a minimally invasive technique.

The RELJA Innovations MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System™ is a patent-pending system designed to allow surgeons to perform a mild to moderate chevron bunion osteotomy, and subsequent fixation of the osteotomy, with a minimally invasive surgical technique. The MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System™ consists of a single pre-sterilized part number that contains both implants and instruments needed for the procedure. The same kit can be used for left or right feet, and on any size foot. Fixation is achieved by a 3.5 mm diameter cannulated screw, precisely placed by the system instrumentation.  Two screw lengths are provided that were shown to provide adequate fixation on any size foot.

The system allows surgeons to perform a traditional and biomechanically stable chevron osteotomy with a surgical incision as small as 1 cm. This compares to a typical incision of up to 5 cm for an open chevron procedure. By minimizing soft tissue disruption, the MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System™ may produce beneficial results similar to other MIS systems.

Dr. Robby Amiot of Milwaukee, WI, a Board-certified foot and ankle surgeon as well as founder and CEO of RELJA, commented, “The MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System allows me to complete a chevron osteotomy with minimally invasive technique in the same or less time than an open procedure. In addition, my patients have requested less opioids than a traditional open chevron procedure and have expressed great satisfaction.”

Dr. Eric So, a Board-certified foot and ankle surgeon in Lincoln, NE, commented: “The RELJA MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System represents a reliable and accurate method of performing minimally invasive bunion surgery. I have achieved the tried-and-true outcomes of the chevron bunionectomy, however my initial surgeries have resulted in patients with less postoperative pain, improved postoperative range of motion, and improved patient satisfaction compared to a traditional open procedure. I also found the learning curve to be substantially more favorable compared to other MIS techniques, because of prior familiarity with the chevron bunionectomy.”

The new MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System is available now for commercial use throughout the United States. Visit for more information.