RELJA Innovations Launches The RELJA Clamp and Foot Plating System

April 18, 2024by Sara Coon-Thompson

WAUWATOSA, Wis.April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RELJA Innovations is excited to announce the recent launch of The RELJA Clamp. Designed by surgeons for surgeons, The RELJA Clamp is the first-of-its kind radiolucent, single-use bunion reduction clamp. Remarkably simple and intuitive by design, The RELJA Clamp is applied in less than four minutes.  It is mainly utilized for the Lapidus Bunion Procedure, however, can also be utilized for MIS Bunion Procedures, Lisfranc Fracture Reductions, and Midfoot and Hindfoot Fusions.

The patented RELJA Clamp for the Lapidus Procedure allows for correction in the frontal, transverse and sagittal planes along with compression across the fusion site, uniquely all without incisions.

The RELJA Clamp is agnostic, available with a complete foot plating system as the RELJA Lapidus System or can be utilized independently with alternate plates and screws.

Dr. Robby Amiot of Milwaukee, WI, a Board-certified foot and ankle surgeon as well as founder and CEO of RELJA Innovations, commented, “The fact that this clamp is radiolucent, corrects in all planes and is applied in less than four minutes is a game changer in the bunion space.”

Mitch Hulbert, DPM FACFAS shared, “This is easier, faster and better than any other clamp on the market.”

“I love the fact that it is radiolucent and requires no incisions.” added John Krebsbach, DPM FACFAS

The RELJA Clamp and RELJA Lapidus System are complementary to RELJA Innovation’s other bunion surgical offerings including the innovative RELJA MIS Chevron Precision Bunion System™, the only chevron-style MIS solution and RELJA MTP Plates, Lapidus Plates and Screws.

The new RELJA Clamp and RELJA Lapidus System are available now throughout the United States.

About RELJA Innovations

RELJA Innovations was founded by Dr. Robby Amiot who was frustrated with the lack of simple, intuitive, products available for hallux valgus (bunion) procedures and knew there were more effective ways to improve the physician’s experience and patient outcomes. With this in mind, Robby began designing products himself and RELJA Innovations was born. RELJA Innovations now proudly offers a suite of solutions from the RELJA MIS Chevron Precision Bunion System™ to The RELJA Clamp that can effectively address every bunion that walks through the door.

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